Periodic Financial Reports

Financial information is the one of the most important aspects of accounting. The financial reports allow you to analyze your financial productivity. This enables you, the business owner to make the right decisions for your company which are based on facts and evidence rather than predictions solely. It is also the first pieces of information any third party lender will ask for when reviewing the decision of financing for your company.

The financial reports also allow you to make future predictions by analyzing the trends set forth in the past and accurately assessing where these trends will lead us in the future.

As part of D & D Bookkeeping’s standards, we will sit down with you and determine how often we need to review your company’s financial statements. D & D Bookkeeping staff will also clearly explain each report to the best of our abilities to ensure you fully understand each statement. We continuously work one on one with you to guarantee you and your company is gaining our full knowledge and is profiting from our experience.